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Welcome to The Musik House!

Getting started with Musikgarten classes at The Musik House is easy. Just check out the Studio Info and Schedule below, then sign up using the registration form!

Instructor, Calendar, Fee Policies

Music is a source of joy and wonder for all of us. Research shows that intentional nurturing in music from birth (or before) to age nine not only greatly improves a child’s musical enjoyment, understanding and achievement, but is also a vital link to learning abilities including language development.

The Musikgarten classes offered are designed to engage children in music making and listening using experiences in movement, singing, dancing, playing age appropriate instruments and music games, echoing rhythmic and tonal patterns, and many more activities that will help to develop in children and their families a lifelong love of music.

Music Instructor
An experienced early childhood music specialist, Arleth Anderson has a BS degree in Early Elementary Education and Music, has taught public school music and kindergarten, and has been a preschool teacher/director. She has been teaching piano and music and movement classes for young children for over 20 years, and has been trained in both Kindermusik and Musikgarten curricula. Arleth is a member of the Early Childhood Music and Movement Association and is licensed by Musikgarten. She and her husband, Dale, have four sons, three daughters-in-law and seven grandchildren.

Studio Calendar

The studio calendar consists of two semesters, each including 10 class sessions for the younger children, and 12 class sessions for those enrolled in Music Maker classes. First semester classes begin mid-September and end late November or December. Second semester classes begin mid-January or February and end in April or May.

Fee Policies
The Registration/Materials fee is due at the time of registration. It includes a $5 non-refundable registration fee per student each semester. If you already have the class materials, only the $5 Registration Fee applies. If siblings are enrolled in a class together, only one set of CDs is needed. In Music Maker Keyboard classes, however, there are sibling packets to be purchased , so the fee will exceed the $5 registration fee. You will receive that information when materials are ordered.

may be paid by semester or by the first of the month (3 payments per semester).

Sibling Tuition Discount:
When a family enrolls more than one child in a Music & Movement class, a
younger sibling receives a 50% tuition discount.

Referral Discount:
When a “referred” family enrolls, a $5 credit will be applied toward your tuition.

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SCHEDULE 2014-2015

Below are class descriptions, day/time, registration/materials fees and tuition fees for each semester. Please note that Keyboard classes (p.2) enroll for the entire school year, but may pay by semester. Tuition payments for all classes may be made in 3 monthly installments per semester. Parents accompany child and participate in the first three classes listed. In Music Maker classes, they join for the last 10-15 minutes of the class.

Family Music for Babies

(Birth-18 months)
10 weeks/Sem

Through active music making, this class establishes the foundation for singing and musical thought. In Babies class, parents and babies play in a musical setting with activities in singing, bouncing, rocking, dancing, finger plays, body awareness games, listening, and echoing tonal and rhythmic patterns.

Class Day/Time: Thursday, 10:20-10:50 a.m.
Reg/Materials: $40 Includes a CD, song book, and instruments (Bag with sticks, shaker, and scarf/year)
Tuition: $80/Semester or $27/Month
Total: $120/Semester

Family Music for Toddlers

(16 months-3 years)
10 weeks/Sem

Parents develop a strong music bond with toddler through singing, moving, dancing, listening, and playing simple instruments. The child'�s musical aptitude and listening abilities are developed while learning music concepts.

Class Day/Time: Monday, 10:30-11 a.m.; Thursday, 9:30-10 a.m.
Reg/Materials: $35 Includes a CD, rhythm instrument and parent songbook
Tuition: $85/Semester or $28.50/Month
Total: $120/Semester

Cycle of Seasons

(3-5 years)
10 weeks/Sem

These children are growing in independence, and self-expression. This class celebrates their love of nature, and further develops language and musical concepts through music of the seasons. Activities include singing, chanting, moving, focused listening, musical games, exploring instruments, creative movement, and storytelling. 2 Cds/Sem

Class Day/Time: Monday, 9:30-10:10 a.m.
Reg/Materials: $45 Includes 2 CDs, illustrated cards for home listening activities, parent book
Tuition: $110/Semester or $37/Month
Total: $155/Semester

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To register for a class, Fill in the Registration Form below for each student.

For classes, times, and fees, refer to the Schedule 2014-2015 above, then, choose either of the following ways to complete your registration:

1) Fill out and submit the Music Class Online Registration Form below, and mail appropriate Reg/Materials fee via check payable to Arleth Anderson to 5678 Mischler Rd., Eau Claire, WI , 54701.


2) Open the following link to a pdf file of the registration form, fill it in, print it out (it is not savable) and mail it in with the appropriate Reg/Materials fee as above. I will contact you to confirm your registration and to give you needed information before class begins. Music Class Printable Registration Form.pdf




Registration Fees

($5 registration fee if you already have class materials. Exception: Music Maker sibling fee exceeds this amount to be determined upon ordering materials.)


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Please give me a call (715) 834-8906 or fill out and send the contact form below. For more information about MUSIKGARTEN, go to:

Thanks! I'm so looking forward to making music with you and your children!

Arleth Anderson

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